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Price list and ordering




                All our wool is donated by sheep from Salt Spring Island




Yarns and Roving



Washed fleece $11.50/lb       $6.70/250 gm     $2.80/100 gm        Currently Sold out


Washed fleece dyed $16.00/lb $9.25/250/gm $3.90/100 gm  Currently Sold Out


Spinning Rovings (p/d) $23.10/lb $13.40/250 gm       $6.80/100 gm White and grey only


Dyed Spinning Rovings (p/d) $28.40.30/1b $16.40/250 gm       $6.90/100 gm  Currently Sold Out


Drum Carded Batts`                 $23.10/lb


Yarn Lopi – skeins – Hand spun   $35.00/lb                                                                               Currently Sold Out


Yarn - 2 ply and 3ply   $10 skein (1/4 lb)  (Approx 225 yds - 2ply and 175 yds - 3 ply)


Hand dyed Yarns - 2 ply and 3 ply - in a variety of colours $12 cake




These natural yarnes LOVE dye - the greys dye in subtle colours complementing the dyed white fibres.  3 ply yarns produce lovely woven blankets which full out beautifully.  Also great tough and strong for rug weaving.   Both the 2 ply and 3 ply yarns knit up as a lighter or heavier aran weight or worsted weight.




Contact the vendor directly or by e-mail to discuss your needs.  Visa, MasterCard and PayPal are available Orders can be shipped C.O.D. or by special arrangement.









Unless otherwise specified, all our yarns are spun at the custom woolen mill in Carstairs Alberta.  Sadly, all our local mills are now closed.