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You may want to purchase your own fleece (either raw or washed) and process the wool for a garment from scratch.  Raw wool can be purchased from a farmer and is sold by the pound.  The fleece should have been skirted (all the dirty bits removed) and should be relatively fresh or stored in a bag that ‘breathes’ so there is no damage to the fibre.  Old wool, improperly stored can dry out and become brittle or infested with moths and used as nests by rodents.  Find out when the fleece on offer was shorn and look around you to see where it was stored.  


You can also buy fleece through the mail.  Most folks in the business of selling fleece are going to make sure you are satisfied with your product so you are reasonable sure of getting good value.  They should also send you samples of the fleece. Raw fleece sells at about $5 - 15  per pound (cdn) and the average fleece will weigh from 4 – 8 lbs.  Specialty fleece is more expensive.


Before you buy your fleece or raw wool, there are some terms you need to know – even if you are not sure what they mean before you start your project, you will understand them by the time you finish.  And they will make you sound more knowledgeable as you make your





After you are familiar with the terms, you are ready to start preparing your fleece.  The process I use is described on this link.


Read about how to prepare your fleece.


How to buy and prepare your own fleece

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